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Research Papers

This report from Inclusive Development International, Bank Information Center Europe, and Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, highlights the expansion of coal power in the Philippines, funded by the IFC.

This report from the World Resources Institute, GermanWatch, New Climate Institute and Fundacion Avina provides a snapshot of the MDBs' climate finance alignment with the Paris Agreement, examining how the MDBs support enhancement of MDBs, how the MDBs are mainstreaming climate adaptation and resilience across their investments, and how transparent the MDBs are about their climate related activ

This report from Bank Information Center Europe and Inclusive Development International argues that the AIIB has an opportunity to assume leadership amongst the MDBs in promoting low carbon development. It provides recommendations on how the AIIB can live up to its promises to be “green” and to its stated commitment to the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This report from Oil Change International assesses the contribution of 4 MDBs to energy access between 2014 and 2017 and finds that whist the majority of energy access finance is being channelled to countries with the largest access gaps, MDBs are not channelling enough of their energy access finance to energy access for the poorest people, or prioritising energy access sufficiently. 

This report by Tearfund examines the role of multinational development banks in redesigning electricity markets to scale up finance for off-grid renewable energy. This paper explores the idea that subsidies and cross-subsidies could be used to improve the viability of electricity access investments in more remote regions, and highlights the role that MDBs have to play in developing these soluti

This report from Bank Information Center Europe and Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations analyses whether the IFC has reduced its investments in higher-risk FIs.

At the World Bank Group meetings this year, we call on them to further step-up and implement existing commitments by scaling up energy access finance, fully implementing existing commitments around carbon pricing and phasing out upstream oil and gas. 

This report from Bank Information Center Europe, Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations, and Inclusive Development International looks at the recent AIIB investment in the IFC Emerging Asia Fund - a financial intermediary - and its sub-investment in the Shwe Taung Cement Company in Myanmar towards the expansion of a cement plant and associated coal mine.

This document by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and BIC Europe examines the degree to which the WBG’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) effectively addresses the dual objective of increasing energy access for the poor while meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

This report by Oil Change International, Friends of the Earth U.S., and WWF’s European Policy Office reveals how export credit agencies around the world are funding climate disaster by financing over $32 billion dollars each year in coal, oil, and gas projects.