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Tell the World Bank to make the Big Shift

The World Bank has been financing fossil fuels for 75 years. With signs of the climate crisis all around us, the World Bank has a responsibility to stop financing fossil fuels and lead the way in supporting sustainable, renewable energy. This could help provide sustainable energy to the 1 billion people who don't have access to modern affordable energy. The World Bank says it wants to stop climate change, and help provide energy for all. However, it is still supporting fossil fuel projects, instead of financing renewables to improve energy access.

Join us in calling on the World Bank to shift its energy finance out of fossil fuels by 2020, and invest in sustainable, renewable energy that will provide clean energy for the world's most vulnerable people.  

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Email your national Executive Director at the World Bank and ask them to phase out all support for fossil fuels by 2020, increasing climate finance and scaling up support for clean energy access. 

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Email the World Bank

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