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Join the Africa Development Bank ZERO campaign

The Big Shift Global is supporting the Zero Emissions - Omissions campaign, which calls on the African Development Bank to be 100% transparent and switch to 100% renewable energy in the Bank's power lending portfolios.

All African countries have endorsed the Paris Climate Agreement and the goal to limit global temperature increase to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels. African countries are among the most vulnerable countries to climate change, yet the African Development Bank (AfDB) continues to invest in fossil fuel projects.

620 million people in Africa do not have access to modern energy, and this needs to be urgently addressed. However, the majority of those without electricity access live off-grid in rural areas. Off-grid renewables are the solution to this energy crisis, not fossil fuels. The African Development Bank can help end energy poverty in Africa by permanently investing 100% of its energy lending in renewables, and focussing on increasing energy access through renewable energy.

What is the campaign calling on the African Development Bank to do?

The campaign calls for the African Development Bank to:

– Commit to 100% renewable energy in its power lending portfolios

– Commit to 100% transparency in terms of:

  • Disclosure and Access to Information
  • Energy Efficiency Strategies
  • Operational Management and Carbon Pricing
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting at the project and portfolio level.

Send a message to the African Development Bank

You can support the Zero Emissions - Omissions campaign by signing the open letter to the African Development Bank, calling on them to: 

  1. Increase transparency efforts to increase access to information available to the general public as well as increased transparency in stakeholder engagement and consultation;
  2. Increase transparency on proposed investments and the portfolio generally, and specifically increase transparency on the greenhouse gas accounting at project and portfolio levels.
  3. Extend your transparency efforts to the Bank’s operational management and carbon pricing;
  4. Extend your transparency to your energy efficiency strategy;
  5. Shift AfDB’s portfolios to 100% renewable projects and sustainable, low-emission agriculture and infrastructure;
  6. Publish a roadmap to reduce portfolio-wide emissions and align with 1.5ºC goal.

You can find out more about the Zero Emissions - Omissions campaign here: