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G7 fossil fuel subsidy scorecard: Tracking the phase-out of fiscal support and public finance for oil, gas and coal

G7 countries are in the early stages of an energy transition – including, in some areas, a shift away from the production and consumption of fossil fuels. In acknowledgement of this, every year since 2009 the G7, and G20, have committed to phase-out fossil fuel subsidies, along with related commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement. But while progress is being made to transition away from fossil fuels, this analysis shows that G7 governments continue to provide subsidies to the production and use of coal, oil and gas, which may hinder or delay these shifts. This scorecard aims to address this accountability gap and track, for the first time, each G7 country’s progress in phasing out fossil fuel subsidies across seven indicators. 

Publication Year: 2018